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ADI theory test question bank Update


From 6 April 2010, the DSA is encouraging L-test candidates to have their ADI (or another observer preferably the person who has taught them) to sit in on their practical test and listen to the feedback. ADIs will also be able to act as interpreter on the test.

As a result , the DSA has had to make some amendments to the ADI theory test question bank to accommodate these changes. This will result in three questions being removed from the bank from 6 April 2010. The DSA plans to refresh the entire question bank in September 2010.

The following questions are being removed. They are listed below with their reference numbers in the DSA theory test book:

Q. 3.158 On some occasions a candidate taking a driving test can speak only in a foreign language. In such cases their ADI is

A allowed to act as their interpreter if the candidate asks the examiner
B not allowed to act as their interpreter
C allowed to act as their interpreter provided they don't interfere with the test
D not allowed to accompany them on test

Q 3.168 If a candidate on a practical driving test needs an interpreter it has to be a person other than an ADI. The person has to be:

A at least 16 years of age
B the holder of a full driving licence
C at least 14 years of age
D selected from a pool of interpreters known to the Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency

Q 3.66 What must be done if you wish to accompany your candidate on test?

A You must apply to the booking section
B You must ask the examiner
C The candidate must ask the examiner
D The examiner must invite you

Additionally, the explanation for another question will be incorrect once these changes come into effect, although the actual question and answer options will not require any alteration. The question and explanation are:

Q3.94 A candidate on a driving test can be accompanied by:

A Anyone aged 16 or over
B Only a driving instructor
C No other person
D Only an interpreter

Explanation: Anyone can accompany a candidate on a driving test provided the candidate asked for their presence, and the accompanying person is 16 years or over and wears a seat belt while travelling in the vehicle. They must not take any part in the test. An interpreter may be present if needed, but they cannot be an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) for that purpose.

With effect from 6 April, the final sentence should read only "An interpreter may be present if needed."

The Official DSA ADI Theory Test question books will be amended at the next print-run, but in the meantime the DSA will arrange for a notice about these changes to be inserted in the book.

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