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Automatic or Manual: The Choice is Yours


Ltest has now introduced an Automatic & Dual Controlled vehicle to its fleet, and from the 25th March 2010 driving lessons will be available in both Manual & Automatic cars across parts of Manchester.

James Eisen, Company Director said "We have known for some time that there is a demand for Automatic Lessons, however not many driving instructors offer driving lessons using Automatic Vehicles. We hope also to expand our service to cater for people receiving the mobility allowance over the next few months."

Taking Driving Lessons in an Automatic Car can also shorten the number of lessons required by pupils in order to take the Driving Test. However candidates should be aware that passing the test in an Automatic Vehicle will not allow them to drive a Manual car after they pass unless a further driving test is completed in this category.

Some students may struggle with coordinating the gears and clutch control required for Manual cars and learning in an Automatic may overcome these difficulties. Initially we will be offering Automatic Driving Lessons in South Manchester, Altrincham & Sale and will look to expand into other areas over the next few months.

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