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Change to Manchester Practical Test Centre location


From the 29th March 2010, Whalley Range Test Centre will be relocated to West Didsbury. The new test centre is at Christie Fields Office Park, just off Barlow Moor Road.

It has been proposed to relocate the Whalley Range Test Centre for a number of years since local residents and test centre candidates have increasingly come into conflict. This is a welcome development from the Driving Standards Agency however it will mean a number of changes to local test routes. Local Driving Instructors are being consulted about these changes but are likely to include more routes entering and exiting Princess Parkway. West Didsbury test centre also has a couple of spaces to allow the practice of the Bay Reverse Park maneuver which has not been possible at Whalley Range before.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the new test centre can visit on the 26th March between 09:30 12:30.

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