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Driving lessons Altrincham

Driving lessons provided in Altrincham, Hale, Bowdon, Timperley, Cheshire area. Our driving instructors in Altrincham cover the following postcode areas: WA13, WA14, WA15.

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Driving Courses in Altrincham

LTest is an independent school with the aim of offering safe, professional and competitively priced lessons. The school is committed on giving effective driving courses in Altrincham, one of the learning schemes being a guarantee first time pass. James Eisen, company director and one of the driving instructors in Altrincham, has a truly impressive track record of over 100 pass successes since his the beginning of his career as a driving instructor. James started the LTest School with the desire to offer students in Altrincham a personally tailored driving course with the very best results. LTest provide reasonably priced driving courses in Altrincham with the highest standards of teaching, adding to that we make sure driving courses are affordable and so offer a block booking discount to all learner drivers.

How to Pass Your Driving Test

The first step to help you discern how to pass your driving test is to acquire your provisional license. You qualify for this if you are 17 years or older. You then fill out the D1 application form, available from the DVLA ordering service or most Post Office branches.

The second step to pass your practical driving test is successfully complete the theory driving test. There are various books and DVDs which contain all the information needed to help you answer the driving test questions.

We suggest that you start your driving course before you take the theory test, this has the added benefit of maximising your time as well as helping you remember the theory learnt as you drive. This is important as both theory and practical driving information will undoubtedly feature as part of the driving test questions.

Added to all this, the high standard of teaching provided by our professional driving instructors in Altrincham are sure to make your chances of passing your practical driving test first time sky-high.

Intensive Driving Courses in Altrincham

LTest School of Motoring boast comprehensive and all inclusive intensive driving courses in Altrincham. Our course ensures that the student receives training in such a way that there will be not one of the driving test questions that they will not know. Whether you are a brand new learner driver in Altrincham or you have passed your practical driving test but would like a refresher course we can offer the perfect solution to your requirements.

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