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Choosing an Instructor

When choosing an instructor you can choose either a PDI or ADI. At Ltest we only use ADIs to offer training to our students.

PDIs hold a pink licence and ADIs hold a green licence which must be on display in the training vehicle during lessons.

PDIs or trainee instructors
Trainees will have completed an advanced theory and practical driving test to a higher standard than required by learner drivers.

Trainees will have less experience of offering driving lessons and as a result training may take longer. Some trainees may already offer a high standard of tuition but this will not have been assessed by the governing body, the Driving Standards Agency.

ADIs or approved instructors
An approved instructor will have successfully completed a test of their ability to instruct. ADIs will be either a grade 4, 5 or 6. The higher the grade the better the quality of instruction offered. You can find out about an instructor's grade from the DSA.

At Ltest School of Motoring we only work with approved instructors who achieve good results for their pupils. We encourage continued development and ongoing training after qualifying. We also review our own instructors' lesson delivery normally every 6 months. All of our instructors have been CRB checked.

However, we believe that the best way to choose your instructor is by recommendation. All our instructors build up their own reputation and receive incentives for generating their own pupils by recommendation.

When choosing an instructor with Ltest School of Motoring you can be assured of the highest standard of tuition and professionalism. We use track records to keep track of progress throughout the training process and always gear pupils towards passing the test first time.

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