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Car insurance for young people

The initial months and years after passing your driving test are certainly exciting, but they`re also potentially hazardous.

Due to the increased number of accidents in which younger drivers are involved,it is more expensive for less experienced motorists to obtain car insurance - a legal requirement in the UK.

Car insurance is mandatory to cover injury to others and damage to their property. If you are caught without it, you will be punished by a fine and the strong possibility of a driving ban, so going without really isn`t an option.

Your insurance premium is calculated by taking a number of factors into account. These include your personal circumstances (like where you live and your occupation), age, driving history and the car you are intending on driving. If it is a performance model and/or valuable, it will be more expensive to insure. Conversely, older, less valuable cars with lower levels of performance cost less to insure.

Clearly, there isn`t much you can do about your age, but there are a few steps you can take to reduce what you pay for your policy.

Choose a modest vehicle

Selecting a car which is older and less valuable will make for a cheaper premium. It might be tempting to go for something with a bit more poke, but a more conservative car will reduce your car insurance costs.

Stay safe

Keeping on the right side of the law and avoiding convictions for motoring offences will keep your insurance policy down. Likewise, making yourself eligible for a no-claims discount by driving safely and avoiding accidents will help you achieve cheaper insurance in the future.

Avoid modifications

Spicing up a car with aftermarket accessories holds a lot of appeal with many young motorists, but it can be severely detrimental to the price of your insurance. Even innocuous cosmetic modifications like spoilers can ramp up the costs. Insurers perceive modified cars to be more attractive to thieves and the parts more expensive to replace. They can also have an effect on handling and performance which could increase the chances of an accident. Therefore, keep your vehicle to factory specification and reap the benefits of less expensive insurance.

Stay secure

Investing in approved security devices - from alarms and immobilisers to trackers - will decrease the chances of your car being a subject of theft and be reflected in your premium. If you`ve got access to a garage, locking up your car overnight will also make a difference.

Agree to a mileage limit

If it`s practical, taking out a policy which limits the amount of miles you`re permitted to drive will save you money on your insurance as it will reduce the likelihood of you being involved in an incident which could lead you to making a claim.

Shop around online

Comparison sites have made it very easy to browse lots of quotes from many different providers and see where the best deals for your new drivers car insurance are to be found. But when comparing, make sure you take into account the features of the policy as well as the price so you`re adequately covered in the event of having to make a claim.

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