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“I have just passed my driving test today after completing the three day intensive driving course through LTest. I just wanted to say a big thank you to LTest for helping me pass first time! My instructor Andrew Brady was excellent. I thought the standard of teaching was extremely high and it certainly exceeded my expectations. I thought the course was well structured and I felt I was able to cover a large amount of material both quickly and effectively. ”
William H

“I never believed I could ever pass my driving test! I was unbelievably nervous about driving and really hadn't enjoyed anytime I'd spent learning when I was younger. James was so encouraging and made me approach learning to drive in a completely different way to how I had done with previous instructors. I often allowed my nerves to hold me back from progressing and really was starting to doubt I would ever pass. James pushed me when I needed to be pushed and his instruction gave me the confidence to pass. When it came to taking my test I felt completely different to how I had felt when I had taken tests years before. James taught me skills for driving that go beyond just passing the test but really set you up for being a competent and safe driver. I really couldn't thank him enough. I've recommended James to everyone I know who wants to learn how to drive.”
Rachael K from Manchester City Centre

“First of all, I'd like to say a huge thanks to James at Ltest for helping me successfully pass my test at the first time of asking! Especially due to the fact that I'm super competitive, ask a lot myself and am my own harshest critic...for James to manage all that while equipping me with all the skills to pass my driving test is a feat in itself.

Whenever I doubted myself, or felt that I'd not made as much as ground as I should have, James was there to re-assure me; to help me to take stock of what I'd learned and how we were right on course for what we wanted to achieve. In this case, I'm quite happy to concede that James was right. Of course, he's the professional and he knows exactly where you are and where you need to be coming up to test time.

James didn't only teach me to pass my test. His focus was always on the skills you need to drive...up to, in and after the test. I find a lot of these things he taught me while in my lessons, I am still benefitting from. It's a much more modern way of teaching, incorporating many important current themes such as how you drive can affect fuel economy etc.

Another thing I really was impressed by was the first chat we had as I got in the car. It was very much about me and the questions James asked were: “why do you want to drive?” and “when do you want to be able to pass by?”. You set your own goals, so there is no pressure but you both know that you’re working to a realistic target.

The free online theory test resources were really handy and a really nice perk. You don't need to buy any DVDs, highway codes etc. as it is all there online for you.

At 29, I was late starter but I can honestly say learning to drive is one of the best things I’ve ever done. If you’re reading this then you’re obviously thinking of driving too....think no more and book your first lesson with Ltest. You won’t regret it and you’ll be driving in no time.”
Craig from Chorlton

“I am officially a U.K. licensed driver!!! I had been driving for 10 years but on the opposite side of the road in the U.S..... James from LTest taught me everything I needed to know and helped to boost my confidence in order for me to pass my test.

Which I am proud to say I did the first time round! As a driver of 10 years I am ashamed to say I never would of passed if it wasnt for James and LTest teaching me the basics and changing the bad habits I had picked up over the last 10 years! Thanks James and LTest!”
Alex Jackson 25yrs old

“When I started learning to drive at the age of 17, I have to admit, I didn't enjoy it. I said as much to Stephen when I restarted my lessons six years later. He told me, he would make sure that by the time I passed my test I would. He was right.

Ok, so I didn't pass first time but that was not because I was bad at driving per se. Stephen had given me all the skills, I just needed to have confidence in my ability and by the time I passed I did. I had got to the point where discussing the meaning of life or the difference in double-glazing windows became apart of the lesson. Driving became second nature, and lessons were more like taking a friend out for a drive. So when I passed my test I was so chilled and confident in my ability I was able to chat to the examiner, and enjoy the test!

I can’t wait to take my Grandma out for a spin this Christmas, as she has been saving her car for me for five years! I definitely made the right choice going with an L Test instructor. Thank you Stephen”
Claudia from Altrincham

“James is a great driving instructor and really helped me pass my test. He noticed a lot of my mistakes that my previous instructor did not pick up, and corrected them. He's always friendly, professional, and always punctual. His techniques for manuevres are really easy to follow, and his mock test helped me get over my test day nerves. I am a much better driver now because of LTest!”
Shobha from Manchester Picadilly

“This is to register my appreciation for your good instruction which has greatly contributed to this success. Indeed it is because you made me relax when you were giving the driving lessons, you had a good attitude which made me confident, that I was able to concentrate on the teaching. In addition you were able to spot the critical faults which needed working on and helped me work on those falts. For example, signaling when exiting roundabouts, spotting of road signs, techniques on how  best to do manouvres like left reverse on a sharp corner or a sweeping corner, parallel reversing. Hence although we spent few weeks together, you were able to impart a lot of such skills and I will always remember you for the same.

Thank you for your professionism, good attitude, friendliness and warmth.”
Edward from Eccles

"Twenty years ago, I'd been through four driving instructors and failed my driving test seven times, so I was nervous and reluctant to go through the whole dispiriting process again. Fortunately this time I chose Ltest and my instructor, James, was patient, knowledgeable, very good at explaining things, and helped to rebuild my confidence. Lo and behold, I passed my driving test, and my gratitude knows no bounds."

"I am extremely delighted that I decided to take driving lessons from Ltest. James is a fantastic instructor and really helped with my confidence by creating such a comfortable and calm learning atmosphere. I had previously taken lessons in the past with other driving schools and each time I had given up as I really did not feel that convinced of my driving ability. Due to the need to be able to drive and be independent I decided to try again and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn with Ltest. I am amazed that I passed first time with just 2 minor faults and I believe that this is owing to the excellent instruction by James. I am so very grateful, thank you!"
Lisa from Bolton

"I had quite a few lessons with other instructors and wasn't making much progress. When I came to Ltest I had Nick and he was great. Definitely the best instructor I've ever had! He explained everything very clearly and if it wasn't for him I don't think I would have passed my test. As soon as I started lessons I felt a lot more confident. I've already recommended Ltest to my friends and would recommend them to others too. "
Rhaj G, Green Quarter

"I learnt to drive in the United States, but am now living in the UK so I needed to take the UK Driving Test. My instructor Andrew made his lessons very enjoyable and was happy to run over time when the lesson demanded it. Having taken a mock test I would highly recommend this to other students as it helped calm my nerves for the real thing. I would be happy to recommend Ltest to anyone learning to drive. I can now drive to a much higher standard in a manual car. "
Alison W from Stretford.

"Andrew was recommended to me by a friend. He was a really good instructor. He was just very understanding and teaches each pupil differently depending upon their requirements. Ltest is definitely a better school because of they way they teach. I made much more progress than friends who went with other schools. I couldn't believe my luck on the driving test as I had already completed the same route on my mock test, and I passed with just 3 minor faults."
Mike T from Whalley Range

"It was a great pleasure to have Andrew as my instructor. I changed from another driving school and made much more progress with Ltest. Andrew was very good at explaining things and very observant of the faults I made. Having passed my test 2nd time I am really confident on the roads now and thanks to Ltest I'm better prepared for any situation I might face. I can't say anything negative about the way Ltest taught me using Track records, lesson plans and mock tests, they are simpler a higher standard. I picked Ltest because they offered me a local driving instructor to where I live. "
Chris M from Sale

"I came to Ltest having taken many lessons with other driving schools. I'd already taken 10 attempts at my test and nearly given up. When I called Ltest, they were really helpful over the phone and encouraged me to have another go. I'm so glad I did. I passed with just a few lessons from Philippa, she is a really good instructor. She has a great manner. I understood the mistakes I was making as she explained things clearly. It really boosted my confidence. I'd given myself one last attempt when I passed with Philippa's help. I am just about to buy my first car and looking forward to my new found freedom."
Alex K from Manchester

"I'm really pleased that I took lessons with Ltest. Having spoken to pupils who failed with other schools, I realised that Ltest prepared me properly for my driving test."
Ruby Lee from Sale, Manchester

"Ltest gave me the confidence to become the driver I am today, and has given me the independence I have needed for years."
Natalie Bannister from Northenden, Manchester

"It had been a while since I had last driven but I wanted to upgrade my license from automatic to manual and of the three driving instructors I've had James at L Test was by far the best. Helping me to gain my confidence on the road meant I looked forward to my lessons and made much faster progress than I had expected. A calm and friendly approach to teaching with in depth knowledge of the assessment process and insight into the aspects of my driving I felt I struggled with. Passed first time and couldn't be happier. Thanks James." "
Alison B from Sale

"I'd had driving lessons before with another school before I went to university but had always hated driving a manual. I had problems with using the clutch and having once stalled the car three times at traffic lights in one horrific incident, consequently put off having any more lessons whilst away from home (much to the despair of my parents). Four years later and having moved to Manchester I was tired of having to use public transport or beg lifts from friends and family. I resolved to take up driving again, but this time in an automatic.

Finding LTest online was a real blessing. My instructor, James, was lovely- friendly, patient, (and most importantly in a driving instructor) always positive, even if I felt I hadn't done as well as I could have in a lesson. He gave me the confidence to believe that I could not only drive, but that I could drive well and with his encouragement I passed my test (first time!) in just over two months. Having had a mock test a couple of weeks previously soothed some of my initial nerves about the test and by the time the actual day of the test appeared I felt completely prepared and ready for it.

I've now been a newly qualified driver for over a month now and as such I would also recommend taking the PassPlus lessons provided by LTest. Not only does taking the extra lessons lower your car insurance, more significantly they give you the confidence to experience things you couldn't as a learner driver- motorways for instance, and inner city driving at night. For me, going on the motorway with someone else in the car who had the ability to brake the vehicle if necessary was really reassuring.

As a result of passing I'm now really comfortable on the motorway (which is really handy when your parents live on one end of the M6 and you live on the other!) I have no hesitation in recommending LTest to anyone looking to learn to drive and I can only offer my sincere gratitude for the help and advice I've had over the past couple of months. Learning to drive has been one of the best decisions I've ever made and choosing LTest was definitely another. "

Rachel F from Eccles

"As an experienced driver who had obtained a full driving license from another country, I was still quite concerned about passing my UK driving test as it is known to be quite stringent (having a friend who had to take 10 tests before she could pass did not help). My instructor, James, was very helpful in this case and taught me the right tips and tricks to help me pass the first time. His manoeuvre tips are the best and made the trickiest manoeuvres feel a lot easier. I must say that I developed some bad habits over the years which would not go well if I had gone to the test without some proper driving lessons. Overall I am very satisfied with the lessons I received and I'm happy to say that I have managed to pass the first time with only 2 minor mistakes. I highly recommend the L test if you are looking to pass quickly and effectively."
Sandra Awanis

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