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Dealing with Traffic

Since 1997 the overall volume of traffic on UK roads has increased by over 50% with little or no expansion of the road network. For new drivers this has meant that they have to be much more aware of the traffic and respond quickly and appropriately to developing situations.

As you continue through your lessons you will be dealing with increasingly complex traffic situations and will have to make decisions based upon your knowledge of the road, what you can see and the actions of other drivers and road users.

You will make better and more confident decisions as you gain experience. During your driving test you will be expected to show that you can deal with the various traffic situations that occur while making reasonable progress and without being unduly hesitant.

In the course of your lessons you should be able to:

  • Recognise & respond to road signs and road markings correctly
  • Respond appropriately to oncoming traffic situations
  • Use your mirrors defensively in response to the road ahead
  • Use your own signals and respond to the signals of other road users correctly
  • Approach and deal with roundabouts correctly
  • Anticipate traffic lights
  • Make reasonable progress given the traffic, weather and road conditions
  • Position correctly for your intended action
  • Approach more complex and unusual junctions correctly

Your driving instructor will teach each skill separately and gradually build your ability to handle multiple situations that can occur while driving.

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