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Planning Ahead & Anticipation

One of the hallmarks of a good driver is the ability to anticipate potential hazards on the road ahead. New drivers will only be able to manage this level of competency once they have mastered the skills of vehicle handing and can deal effectively with various traffic situations.

Drivers who are able to anticipate likely situations and plan for them accordingly are less likely to be involved in an accident. They tend to be more alert of their speed and are able to prioritise their response to observations of the road ahead.

These skills become particularly important when driving at higher speeds for example on dual carriageways and country roads. Learner drivers should be introduced to handling higher speeds during their training however these skills are not always tested upon and can sometimes be overlooked by pupils taking their test too soon.

The DSA will be introducing an assessment of a candidate's ability to demonstrate eco-driving from September 2008. This will include smooth control of the vehicle with particular attention to moving off, accelerating, using gears, and driving at an appropriate speed. Forward planning will also be considered where pupils reduce emissions by acting in good time to developing hazards, using engine braking and stopping the engine where appropriate.

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