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The Driving Test

In order to gain a full driving licence in the United Kingdom you must successfully complete a theory and practical driving test. It is not possible to book your practical test unless you have completed your theory test.

You can book your theory test online at the following address:

Alternatively you can book over the telephone on 0300 200 1122 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. To book by post you will need to complete a booking form available from most test centres or your driving instructor.

The Theory Test
The Theory test comprises 50 multiple choice questions and a Hazard Perception test. To pass the test you must answer at least 43 questions correctly and score more than 45 in the hazard perception test at the same attempt.

The questions may have one correct answer or you may be asked to choose 2 or more correct answers from a list of possible responses. The DSA publish a full list of the question bank and we recommend that you purchase a theory book or CD Rom. You should also consider purchasing a copy of the Highway Code which was revised in September 2007.

The hazard perception test consists of 14 video clips of 1 minute each. In each clip you must identify approaching hazards; there is normally only one scoring hazard in each clip although you can click more than once. You can score a maximum of 5 for each clip except for 1 clip where you must identify 2 scoring hazards and can score 10. You should click on hazards as soon as they appear to gain the maximum score.

Recommended Resources to help you pass your theory test.

  • Driving Test Success - Theory CD ROM £9.99 - Includes full list of questions & answers and a number of hazard perception test clips.
  • The Official Highway Code - (Revised Sep 2007) £2.50

You can sit your theory test at any of the UK test centres. Find your nearest centre here. You must pass both elements of the test on the same occasion in order to gain a theory test pass certificate.

The Practical Test
The practical test is a test of your ability to drive on a variety of different types of roads and varying traffic conditions. The test lasts around 40 minutes and will also include two reversing manoeuvres and may include an emergency stop.

You can book your test at any of the UK test centres; however we recommend that you book at your local test centre as you will be more familiar with the area and will feel more confident when taking your test. Find your nearest test centre here. If you are taking your test in your instructor's car you will need to provide your instructor's ADI or PDI licence no.

There are normally around 20 different test routes around each test centre. Details of the routes are published on the DSA website.

At the test centre you will need to have your provisional driving licence (both the plastic card and paper counterpart). You should also bring your appointment letter from the DSA as well as your theory test certificate.

If you have trained with an instructor you will use their vehicle to take on test. This is always best as driving instructors' vehicles will have dual controls, an extra mirror for the examiner and full insurance.

Test Readiness
You should only consider taking your test on the advice of a driving instructor. Some students may feel that they already know how to drive, however this does not mean that you are likely to pass the test. The average candidate presenting for test will pass less than half the time!

We recommend that you consider sitting a mock driving test first. A mock test will be conducted in exactly the same way as a practical driving test. By passing the mock test you will gain a better understanding of what is required to pass and you are less likely to feel nervous on your driving test.

What to Expect
The test will last around 40 minutes after you are met by the examiner at the test centre.

At the beginning of the test the examiner will ask you two questions about your vehicle, called Show me/ Tell Me questions. Ask your instructor to provide you with a list of the questions you could be asked. You can not fail the test if you are unable to answer the questions however, you will receive a minor fault if you answer either or both questions incorrectly.

The examiner will offer you a brief explanation of how the test will be carried out and give you directions along the test route. You will be advised to turn either left or right in plenty of time and should follow directions unless road markings or road signs prevent you from doing so. The test will cover a variety of roads under different traffic conditions and include two reversing manoeuvres and possibly an emergency stop.

You will pass the practical test provided that you do not commit any serious or dangerous driving faults and that you do not get more than 15 minor driving faults. A serious fault occurs if you cause another vehicle to take any avoiding action or do not observe traffic behind. A dangerous fault occurs when the examiner is forced to take control of the vehicle at any point during the test. A minor fault occurs when you do not take an appropriate action such as using the mirrors correctly or choosing the wrong gear for your speed.

The examiner will direct you along the route and you will finish the test at the test centre where your instructor will meet you. Before the examiner gives you your result he/she may ask if you wish your instructor to be present for the result of your test. This is always a good idea as if you have not passed the instructor can listen to the details of where any mistake has occurred.

You may also choose to have your instructor join you for your test. If you wish your instructor to be present you should ask the examiner before the start of your test.

If you have passed the examiner will provide you with a pass certificate and take your provisional licence from you. You will be provided with a copy of the test sheet and your full driving licence will automatically be sent to you in the post within a couple of weeks.

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