How to avoid Long Waiting times for Driving Tests

So, you have booked your Driving Test only to discover that the next date available is not for another 3 months. And you might have planned to have finished all your lessons and passed a test in just a few weeks. That seems reasonable doesn’t it?

The problem is the DVSA won’t even allow pupils to book a practical test until they have completed their theory test.

And what if you don’t pass the test first time? Will you have to wait another 3 months before being able to take your test again?

Perhaps even trying to get a driving instructor to offer you lessons when you have just started your new job and your employer wants you to work all the hours under the sun. So you can’t do regular times or days.

These are exactly the kind of problems many pupils face when trying to schedule their lessons and driving test.

What if you could complete your course in just a couple of weeks and schedule your driving test for shortly after your course? Surely that makes more sense!

That’s why Intensive Courses work and why if you have not considered them perhaps you should take a closer look.

We always design the course around our pupils. So if you wanted to take a Beginner’s course for example you could complete your lessons in as little as 7 days with a driving test shortly afterwards, or if you have previously taken a driving test and just need to refresh your driving skills a 2 day course could be right for you.

What about the theory test?

If you have not started training for your theory test we will provide you with everything you need through our partnership with Theory Test Pro. You will have access to a training app on your phone or tablet which you can work with from the moment you sign up with us. You can practice on your way home from work or in your lunch break, and we can even book your theory test for you.

Once you have passed your theory test, just give us a call and we can get your practical test arranged for you. We can confirm your instructor will be available and will have you booked in.

We can schedule your course to run just before your test date or you can spread it our over a few weeks, the choice is yours.

But what about that 3 month waiting list or if you didn’t pass first time?

If you need an earlier test, sign up for our cancellation test checker. It automatically looks online at the latest DVSA availability and lets you know when their earlier tests available. Although we can’t guarantee a driving test for a specific date the software we use is very reliable and gives you the best chance of getting your test early. And if we don’t get you an earlier date we will refund your money. What have you got to lose?

We know though that many of our pupils wont have completed their theory test before starting their driving lessons, but don’t worry we have the answer here too. We can get your theory test booked in sooner as well, normally for the week when you start your driving course.

So in summary, you can take the approach of having 1 lesson each week and hopefully you will get your lessons and course finished within the year…OR…You can start making the decision that you want to change your life and complete your course in just a few weeks. That leaves you free to discover new opportunities and perhaps even a better paid job now that you have your driving licence under your belt!