Manual or Automatic?

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Next up on the blog we are discussing manual or automatic?

When you start to learn to drive you will normally have the option of choosing between a vehicle with manual transmission (gears) or an automatic car.

Passing your test in a manual car will allow you to operate both manual and automatic vehicles. Passing the test in automatic will limit your licence to this category.

More vehicles sold in the UK are manual and may cost slightly less to buy. In the last 5 years though Automatic car sales have increased rapidly with many people opting for more efficient cars like hybrid vehicles. So costs and availability for 2nd hand automatic cars is likely to increase.

Learning to drive a manual car can take a little longer than learning in an automatic. An average student will take around 45 hours in a manual car but around 35 hours in an automatic. But this also depends upon your ability to coordinate the controls or whether you may have a condition that affects your learning.

Some learners who struggle with these skills (including people diagnosed with dyspraxia) may choose to learn in an automatic as an easier option.

Automatic lessons are generally a little bit more expensive than manual lessons and therefore the cost saving may not be as great as the time saved. Automatic pupils have exactly the same test as in a manual vehicle and pass rates are invariably the same.

Increasingly more people are choosing Automatic as technology is making driving more accessable and less stressful. Learning to drive nowadays is more complex as the task demanded of new drivers can sometimes be overwhelming and thereby lead to an accident.
Choosing an Automatic vehicle is no longer considered to be a limiting factor and will often make the experience for learners more enjoyable.

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At Ltest we will normally be able to offer you the choice of either manual or automatic through our team of instructors and our partnership network. For more information call us 0161 241 3699.